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Teamsale bulk emails

Increase emailing effectiveness and set up email integration

Businesses are always trying to use as many channels of communication to reach their customers as possible. First and foremost, this is necessary in order to reach as wide an audience as possible. Some people are more comfortable talking on the phone, others need a social media community, and others prefer to stay up to date through email. And that is exactly the type of people that we are going to talk about today.

What is an emailing campaign?

Emailing campaign involves sending an email to a specific group of recipients. In the majority of cases, it is only used by businesses, not individuals.

The main purpose of email campaigns is to build communication between the brand and its customers. But if you look at the issue more closely, a list of topics can be identified:

  • informing about new products/services/publications;
  • introducing new promotions and/or discounts;
  • information about the order (configuration, delivery deadlines and other useful information);
  • and other topics that may be useful or interesting to your clients.

At first glance, the process may seem straightforward: just add all your existing addresses to the recipients list and send an email. But this is a sure way to waste marketing budget and time and undermine customers' loyalty to the brand.

How to make your bulk emailing campaign effective?

For emails to be useful, there are a few simple rules to follow:

  • Be sure to segment your audience according to their interests and personalise your emails according to this information. For example, single people and childless couples might have no interest in baby products.
  • In addition to crafting the body of the email itself, you need to pay special attention to the subject line. It should be interesting, captivating and intriguing. It is what the recipient will see first.
  • The customer base needs to be active. If there is no activity among your users when interacting with emails, it is worth trying to replace the standard newsletter with a motivational one that will draw people back.
  • Always check how your letter looks on different devices. Customers might read it on a computer, a smartphone or a tablet. The email should scale appropriately and look the same on all gadgets.
  • Don't send emails too frequently, otherwise, users may grow tired of them and unsubscribe (or mark your emails as spam).

Of course, the list of guidelines and recommendations could go on, but the ones above are the main principles that are highly encouraged to follow.

Now, armed with theoretical knowledge, we can move on to launching email campaigns. We will do this with the help of Teamsale CRM.

Setting up email and Teamsale CRM integration

Before you can start sending emails, you need to set up the email service integration with the CRM system. To do this, the admin needs to log in, then click on "Settings" (located at the very bottom of the menu next to the profile image), then open the "Email" tab and click on the "+Add email" button.

Here you can choose between several pre-installed email services and the option to enter the data manually. In the first case, you only need to enter your email login and password (in some instances, you may need to change the settings for the service itself. You can find out more by clicking on the "Instructions" button in the data entry window).

If you are using an email service that is not on the list, select 'IMAP settings' and enter the required settings.

With either option, you can also enable automatic lead generation for incoming/outgoing emails and select employees who will have access to the mailbox.

Here you can also create several signatures and subsequently select the relevant one when sending your emails.

How to create bulk emails and read incoming emails?

The first thing to do is to create a list of recipients. To do this, open the list of leads/clients, check the ones you want, then click on the three-dot icon and select "Bulk email".

A new email window will appear. You can select an email ( among the ones with setup integration, see the list of recipients and add new ones (from contacts or by typing email addresses). You can send an email to a maximum of 100 recipients at a time

Then you need to enter the subject line and form the message itself. Then select a signature and the email is ready to be sent.

Incoming emails can be read in the client (or lead) card by opening it and going to the "Email" tab.

Bulk emailing campaigns can be used to effectively build communication with customers and increase brand loyalty.

In addition, the entire process can now be automated using Teamsale CRM, and in the case of a successful campaign, deals can be scheduled immediately thanks to automatic lead generation.

Moreover, when using Zadarma telephony, you will not only be able to contact your customers by email, but also by making a single-click call using a number from their card.

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